Saturday, 6 November 2010

Things I love Thursday (?)

Ok, I know it's Saturday, but lets imagine it's not...I've decided to join in with Gala Darling's Things I Love Thursday posts, to make my blog a more joyful place!

This week I've been loving...

*walking to work with Em * Feeling thinner - my work trousers are waaaay too big! * clean bed sheets * lovely gardening and bench-sitting with Joel * crunchy autumn leaves * reading 'Breaking Dawn' * meeting a vegetarian in Wilkinsons * watching Ugly Betty * 4 days off work! * the smell of red Ikea candles * blankets and sofa naps * fires, sparks in the blue sky, lots of swirly sparklers, fireworks and friends*

What have you loved this week?


  1. Liking crunchy autumn leaves, though they are getting rather soggy in Scotland now.

  2. I'm peeking in at your previous post, the blanket you crochetted so deftly. I love how you make this long list of blessful events you love, and they remind us all, young and old, to seize the day, enjoy the moment.

  3. Mangocheeks - sorry to hear your leaves are soggy! Sure the rain's doing the garden good though! Hope they dry out soon so you can crunch once more!

    Thanks for visiting Lakeviewer :) Hope you're having lots of enjoyable moments yourself :)


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