Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Library Love...Cuckoo in the Nest, Crocheted Throws and Wraps, The Thrifty Forager, Mocking Jay...

Cookoo in the Nest - Nat Luurtsema
This book sounded like the story of my life (the subtitle is '28 and back with Mum and Dad.  Living the dream') I could definitely relate to the 'quirks' of living back in the family home, and parts of it made me snort in an unladylike fashion.

Crocheted Throws and Wraps - Melody Griffiths
I love the blanket on the front cover, and there are some lovely rainbow-y and flower-y patterns inside too.  The book's split into chapters, vintage style, american dream, outside inside and around the world, so there's a nice mix of different styles and influences.  Definitely one I'll borrow again when I next want to make a blanket!

The Thrifty Forager - Alys Fowler
I love Alys Fowler 'cos she does ace garden-y things while wearing gorgeous vintage dresses.  This book has lots of tips on foraging and a huge list with photos, descriptions and ideas for use of foraged foods.

The Hunger Games - Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins
The last one! I didn't want it to end, because I want to read more of it.  It was soo good! I read the last half of it quietly weeping to myself, 'cos I'm a big wuss!


  1. I've got The Thrifty Forager - a good book, she lives and forages close to my brother.
    One thing that put me off a little though, is the way she describes some of her 'foraging' sites in great detail, i.e. some of the trees have hyperdermic needles at the base !
    Also, the parks she mentioned have been severely pruned now, so she may find it difficult this autumn !

    1. I've obviously skimmed the hypodermic needle parts! How interesting that she lives near your brother, I used to live in Birmingham and have passed through that neighbourhood a couple of times...shame the trees are gone, but I'm sure she'll find something else to forage!

  2. Enjoy the last Hunger Games book - I think the first is the best, but still enjoyed all three!

    Had a look at The Thrifty Forager in The Eden Project shop the other day... Looks really good!

    Kay :)

    1. I think the first was the best too, but it was nice to see what happened in the end of the story!


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