Saturday, 8 February 2014

How to Make a Studio Ghibli Soot Sprite Pom Pom, for Valentines Day.

My boy and I both like Studio Ghibli, so I decided to make him a funny, cute little Soot Sprite for Valentines Day.

You will need...

Pom pom 
Felt (white, black and whatever colour you want your heart to be)
Embroidery thread
Black pipe cleaner

In case you didn't know, this is what we're making.  Except our Soot Sprite will be holding a love heart instead of stars, to be cute and valentines-y.  Soot Sprites are in the Studio Ghibli films Sprited Away and My Neighbour Totoro.

Start by making a pom pom.  You can do this the traditional way with black yarn and 2 rings of card, use a pom pom maker (I just bought a clover pom pom maker which is super!) or use a pre-made pom pom.

Thread the pipe cleaner through the middle of the pom pom, give it a wiggle, it should go through.  These are the arms.  Give the pipe cleaner a trim if the soot sprite looks like it has really long arms!

Cut out 2 white ovals from the white felt, for eyes and two tiny dots from the black felt for pupils.  Stick them together and then stick onto the front of the pom pom.  It might help to use the end of a pin or something similar to apply the glue, it's a bit fiddly!

Cut out 2 tiny hearts from the coloured felt, sew them together with the embroidery thread.  You can make a star for your soot sprite to hold too, if you want.

Stick your shapes onto the end of the soot sprite's pipe cleaner arms.  You can do this by pushing the pipe cleaner into a gap in between your stitching.  Or by gluing them on.  I just pushed them onto the pipe cleaners, so they're removable.

Out-take photo, just 'cause I think it's cute!

Have you made any presents for Valentines Day this year?

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  1. He's SO cute! You could totally make him into a brooch!x

    1. Thank you :D Maybe I need to make another one for a brooch, I have a teeny tiny pom pom maker now, which would be perfect!


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