Thursday, 27 February 2014

Things I Loved this Month, February 2014.

This month I've loved...

* exciting post - Sarra Manning book, Eddi Reader CD (signed, yey!), dresses off Ebay, Doctor Who DVDs * putting my crochet bunting up * lie ins * skyping * watching Revenge of the Nerds, Call the Midwife, Doctor Who (we've just finished series 2), My Mad Fat Diary  * bed + hot water bottle * Looking after my little niece, she is soo cute and smiley, and this last month she has learned to crawl, pull herself up to standing and had grown two teeth, we had a bit of a wobble when she became terrified of my boy's beard, but now she's discovered she can pull it she's all good * real fire place in the pub * haircut * lentil burgers * hugs * crochet * watercolour paints * lush bath * I would have been one of those smug people on Valentines Day, but I had a horrible sickness bug, it was bad, I didn't eat or drink for about 2 days.  I had a nice card and presents though and we managed to go out for about an hour (we had tickets for a thing called The Electro Swing Ball, which would have been amazing if I hadn't been ill, everyone was in vintage dresses, there was a swing dance lesson, burlesque and a great band) before wobbling home and going back to sleep!  It was nice to spend the evening with my boy, but it would have been nicer if I hadn't have been sick on my first Valentines Day with a boyfriend for at least a decade! * broccoli pasta * daffodils, snowdrops and pink polyanthus * vegan millionares shortbread * buying a 70's tray and a glass bowl shaped like an apple in the charity shop * Wetherspoon's chips * 

I hope you have had a lovely month too!?

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  1. Sounds like you had a great month, pity about the sickness bug xx

    1. I did thanks (apart from the bug!) Hope you did too :) x


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