Thursday, 19 June 2014

Our Fish had Babies!

Last winter we noticed tiny baby fish in the pond at mums house. They have survived the cold and grown into bigger babies, enjoying splashing around now it's a bit warmer.

The food pellets floating on the water in these pictures are about 1cm long, so you can see the baby fish are really tiny and cute! 

Do you have baby animals in your garden?


  1. Well captured pics of the baby fish, the only nature in our garden are the birds but there are so many different kinds, its nice to wake up to bird songs these days, as opposed to the motorway traffic or when i lived in Scotland, nr the train track - train noise and shakes to the flat.

    1. I love having birds in the garden too, I miss that in my flat. Although there are a couple of cheeky goldfinches who hop around my balcony collecting twigs to make their nest.


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