Monday, 16 June 2014

Rio de Janiero 2014, Petropolis.

Petropolis is a colonial town in the mountains, it's a lovely bus ride about an hour away from the centre of Rio.  

I mostly took photos of the beautiful, big colonial houses, here they are. 

We had great fun here deciding which houses we wanted to live in.  

We also paid our 5 reals (about £1.50!) and climbed up lots of stairs, to visit the home of Alberto Santos Dumont, which was lovely.

And I saw a humming bird too!

I was very happy in Petropolis.  It was lovely and clean, there were less people and the people that were there were moving a lot slower than those in the centre of Rio.  I am not a city girl!  It was cooler here too, my Brazilian hosts were shivering and miserable in the 22 degree weather, but I was glad for a break from the heat! (It is coming up to winter in Rio, but the temperatures were around 27 - 33 degrees celsius each day while I was there, too hot for me!).


  1. I was born in a city but I too much prefer less hustle and bustle. Those houses look amazing. Thanks for sharing your fabulous pictures.

    1. Thanks Lorna :) The houses were all originally owned by princes and governors, which is why they're so posh!


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