Friday, 27 June 2014

Balcony Garden, June 2014.

This is what my balcony garden looks like this summer.  The only things flowering so far are some self seeded lobelia, and a red geranium that I planted last year.  But I have a new pink fuchsia that is just about to flower! 

I have sunflowers and sweet peas in the big pot at the back.  Polyanthuses are in all the little terracotta pots, they have finished flowering for the year now.

There are strawberries in a layered planter, I have about 10 plants, abour 3 different varieties, so I get strawberries at different times through the summer.  

I have three of these hanging baskets on each side of my balcony.  On this side there is a tumbling tomato, a nasturtium and lobelia, and some alpine strawberries.

There are a couple of empty troughs out there, that I'm going to sow some cut and come again lettuce leaves, chives and coriander, spinach, quinoa leaves and rainbow chard.  If I have time for them to grow I might put some chick peas in the hanging baskets on the other side of the balcony.

What are you growing this year?

Also see what I'm growing in my mums garden this year,  my balcony garden last year and my favourite gardening books (in case you were wondering where I got the inspiration to grow quinoa and chick peas!).

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  1. Woahh!!! What a bloom of goodies and colours!!! This year I have only basil and blueberries because weeks ago I had some works out – and then in – my house and I had no time to plant so many seeds. But tomatoes and lattuce are growing the same, perhaps their seeds survived to last winter. :)

    1. Basil anad blueberries are good though, and hopefully you still have time to plant some quick growing things once your house is back in order!


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