Friday, 24 October 2014

Library Love, How to Build a Girl, Paper Towns, Roomies, Lost Lake.

Library Love, How to Build a Girl, Paper Towns, Roomies, Lost Lake.

This month I've been reading,

How to Build a Girl - Caitlin Moran
I was not a teenage music journalist in the nineties, but I was a teenager in the nineties so this book made me feel all nostalgic.  The writing is funny and feministy, with lots of cringey teenage moments.  It's about finding out who you're going to be, I really liked it.

Paper Towns - John Green
John Green is really popular at the moment, so I thought I should give one of his books a try, and as I wasn't up for the weepfest that is The Fault in Our Stars, I ended up choosing this one.  I think this book was abour 100 pages too long, but apart from that I liked the story of Quentin and Margo and their adventures.

Roomies - Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando
The two main characters write alternating chapters in this book, and I think that the authors wrote a character each, which is an interesting concept.  Elizabeth and Lauren are assigned to each other as college roomates, and spend the summer emailing each other.  I liked this book!

Lost Lake - Sarah Addison Allen
I like everything Sarah Addison Allen writes, they all have similar plots (woman has some sort of crisis, goes to a location connected to her family/past, finds magical occurrences in said location, meets attractive man, life changes for the better) but I find that kind of comforting.  This one is about a woman whose husband dies, leading to a road trip to a lake resort owned by her great aunt, magic, romance and crocodiles ensue. 

What have you been reading?

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