Monday, 3 November 2014

Easy Eco Actions, November 2014.

Here's this months round up of easy, eco friendly actions,

Sign this petition to support a protest against Coca-cola using too much water and violating pollution regulations in their plant in an Indian village.

Sign this petition against fracking.

Friends of the earth are campaigning to keep some wild beavers in Devon free.  Send an email here.

38 Degrees are running a petition to ask that all political parties are involved in TV pre-election debates (not just the big 3 and the new addition of UKip).  Sign here.

If you have any causes or actions to add then let me know in the comments and if I like it I'll add it in.  And feel free to share any of this info (or the whole post) wherever and with whoever you like - if you sign any of the petitions and use social media then please consider using the share on facebook or twitter options that pop up, it increases the reach of these actions and awareness of these issues even further. 


  1. I had heard of the other petitions but not the Coke one - big businesses like these make me sick. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    1. They're naughty aren't they, I avoid coke at all costs! Thanks for signing the petition :)

  2. Signed the Coke petition already, but wasn't aware of the fracking terribleness until you brought it to attention!! will sign! I have some causes on my blog and on Twitter right now (I twit-friended you with the new account!) - stuff happening on the EU level: ban the bag and shout out loud for clean air and circular economy - less waste!

    1. Hi Layla, nice to see you :D There's lots and lots going on with fracking in the UK at the moment, it's pretty scary. I will check out your blog/twitter and educate myself on your causes :)


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