Saturday, 1 November 2014

Things I Loved this Month, October 2014.

This month I've loved,

* lie ins * sitting on the sofa in the sunshine * lovely work people * having time at work to actually tidy some books up and make some displays * chocolate fridge cake * ordering photos online and sticking them in my photo album * soft pretzels * my heating breaking but my mum knowing how to fix it! * watching Doctor Who, Torchwood, Awkward, Downton Abbey * butter pasta * my friend who I visited in Brazil being here for 6 months! * finding interesting things in the bins * seeing Pride at the cinema - sooo good!! * buying a crochet trolley * croissants * crocheting a mustard coloured shawl and a cupcake hat * a belated housewarming present from my friend * tea at mums * charity shopping * wetherspoons chips * tidy flat * putting the lovely fluffy 10 tog duvet on our bed ready for chilly weather * lush baths * holiday in Windsor with my boyfriend, we went to Windsor Castle and LEGOLAND, which was awesome, and we ate yummy stuff and did a bit of charity shopping too, even our 4-changes each way train journeys went ok.  It was our first holiday together and it was lovely! * my new niece was born, she is beautiful and soo teeny.  I've seen loads of my other niece this month too, she is getting so big now.  New words this month are 'narna' 'bum' and 'done' and I still love it when she says 'iya zizzeeeeeee' * autumnal walk with crunchy leaves * carving a pumpkin * bonfire *

It's been a great month in Susie-land, I hope you've had a lovely one too!

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