Thursday, 3 March 2016

Easy green actions and articles, March 2016.

Easy green actions and articles, March 2016.

Here's this month's round up of easy green actions and interesting eco-friendly articles,
Sign Friends of the Earth's petition asking for no third runway to be built at Heathrow.  And read more about the Heathrow 13 too.  

I love the idea of the Food is Free project.

Sign Sum of Us' petition asking Lidl to adopt policies that reduce waste.

Have we reached 'peak stuff'?

"Purging your possessions using the KonMari method is really only the first step to un-learning this mindset. He recommends shifting mental focus first by purging, followed by making an marked effort not to “re-stuffocate” and then most importantly by shifting the money you would normally spend on more stuff to memorable and enriching experiences."

Wouldn't it be magical to have an exercise bike that powers your house?
Check out Wendy's blog post on how to have an eco-friendly period.

Sign Greenpeace's petition asking for renewable energy not nuclear power.

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  1. I totally remember a CBBC programme where they used to say, "Is this true?" and they said that a gym was powering electricity with all the exercise bikes in Japan. I was SOOOOO sad when they said it wasn't true so YESSSSSS if this is!!!

    1. I think I must have seen that too!! As a child I was convinced we could produce our own energy with exercise bikes, and I thought we should put them in prisons too, so criminals could pay their debt to society by becoming electricity generators!


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