Sunday, 6 March 2016

What do vegans eat? Vegan meal and snack ideas.

When people find out I'm vegan they always ask 'what do vegans eat?'.  

These are the vegan meals and snacks I've been eating lately, 

Vbites meat free hotdogs.  What do vegans eat?  Vegan meal and snack ideas. #veganblogger #vegan

VBites meat-free hotdogs.  Joe and I have been craving hotdogs so I found these VBites ones in Holland and Barretts.  They smell and taste extremely like meat hotdogs, so much so that I felt a little suspicious of them!  They're a little too salty for me, I can definitely only eat one at a time, but they definitely satisfied my need for a hot dog (I haven't had one for 19 years!).     

Morrisons vegan sticky ginger buns.  What do vegans eat?  Vegan meal and snack ideas. #veganblogger #vegan

Morrisons sticky ginger buns.  I kept seeing these on vegan websites and twitter accounts and I had to try them.  They are very sticky and gingery and very nice for a treat.  And only £1 for 6.

Vegan ice cream.  Booja Booja and Almond Dream. What do vegans eat?  Vegan meal and snack ideas. #veganblogger #vegan

Booja Booja hunky punky chocolate ice cream alternative and Almond Dream mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I have two tubs of ice cream in my freezer and I am a happy girl indeed!  The Booja Booja vegan ice cream is my favourite ever.  It only has 4 ingredients and it's super chocolately and delicious.  I'm not so sure about the Almond Dream mint choc chip, it tastes a little toothpaste-y and it's not as creamy as the Booja one, I probably won't buy it again but I'm struggling through it regardless!  I picked up the Booja Booja vegan ice cream from Holland and Barrett and the Almond Dream vegan ice cream from Asda. 

Jus rol vegan orange chocolate croissant. What do vegans eat?  Vegan meal and snack ideas. #veganblogger #vegan

Jus Rol vegan croissants.  I've talked about these yummy vegan croissants before, but this is an extra special version.  I made vegan chocolate orange croissants by rolling Asda vegan orange chocolate buttons up with the raw dough, before cooking.  They were so sickly but so good!  

Koko dairy free alternative to yogurt.  What do vegans eat?  Vegan meal and snack ideas. #veganblogger #vegan

Koko dairy free plain yogurt.  I've been excited to try this vegan yogurt, especailly because I like the dairy free milk so much, look out for a review later in the month to see what I think!

Asda Beastie Bites, vegan monster munch.  What do vegans eat?  Vegan meal and snack ideas. #veganblogger #vegan

Asda beastie bites.  Asda's own version of Monster Munch.   I'm so glad I read in the 'Accidentally Vegan' section of this month's issue of Vegan Life Magazine that they're suitable for vegans.  They come in roast beef and onion, sizzling hot and pickled onion flavours and I think pickled onion are my favourites!

Can you recommend any new and delicious vegan friendly meals or snacks to me?

Disclosure - I have been provided with a free digital subscription to Vegan Life Magazine in return for reviewing this publication.  I even have my own page in the vegan bloggers section of their lovely website!   You can subscribe to Vegan Life on paper or digitally.  There's also a handy app for digital subscriptions.  All opinions are my own and always will be.
(Please note - these products are vegan as far as I can tell - items have suitable for vegetarians or vegan labeling, no dairy/eggs in the allergy section and the ingredients list contains no animal ingredients that I can see, please remember recipes sometimes change, please check for yourself if you're in any doubt.)


  1. I have to get some of those Beastie bites, thanks for sharing Susie.

    1. They're very eatable, in fact I've finished my pack and need more! :D

  2. I often wonder how Vegans survive! So its nice to know there are suitable snacks and treats out there. :)

    1. There are loads now, I went vegan nearly 10 years ago and the range of stuff I can eat now is crazy compared with what was available then!

  3. I love reading about vegan treats! My vegan friend Mel used to make these amazing puff pastry caramelised onion and cranberry puffs and they used to make loads of them at parties- they were so tasty and I really wish I could remember the recipe for them!! Want to try the Booja booja!!x

    1. The Booja booja is so good! It's fairly expensive but it's so rich you don't want to eat too much in one go so it lasts a while!


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