Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Photo an hour, September 2016.

This month's photo an hour day was Saturday 24th.
Photo an hour in organised by Jane and Louisa, anyone can join in and post their hourly photos on social media throughout the day tagging them #photoanhour.  Why don't you join in next time?
Here are my photos,
8am - Bit of a grey day, I'm getting up and ready for work.

9am - On my way to work, where I didn't take any photos.

2pm - Oh the joy of coming home and tipping the bin over to retrieve your parcel! 

3pm - I'm trying to re-watch the whole of the Gilmore Girls before the new series!

6pm - Sooo, I may have had a nap!  And then watched Jem on Netflix.

7pm - It's really autumn, I have socks on! 

8pm - Sometimes only toastie soldiers will do, my last photo of the night, I had a pretty early night and read in bed.

This time last year I was also at work.  The photos from last September make me miss my library, it's all changed now.  Half of the library is now an IT suite with 60 PCs in for the school to use (it's a shared building with a library, gym, school, etc in it) and we're getting ready for the library to stop being a council run library and start being a 'community library' run by volunteers, so I won't work there for much longer (but my job's safe til January, I'll just be sent to another branch, and hope I get a job once we've reapplied for them!).  And our house is so different too, I thought our pink bedroom wall was new, but Joe painted it a year ago!  
Did you join in this month?   Let me know if you did, I'd love to have a nosey at your day!


  1. Ahh I was just thinking about your library and wondering if it had been saved.I'm sorry that you won't have a job there anymore. Its strange how things can change over a year.:( I hope you find something else, maybe there will be something where you don't have to work on a Saturday.x

    1. Thank you Shazza :) I realised I've worded this confusingly, I won't be at that branch anymore, but my job's ok til January, some of our libraries will still be council ones, with reduced staff and hours, and I might be lucky and get a library job when we have to reapply for them - but if not I'm definitely looking for a job with no more weekend working! :D xx

  2. Oh I hope that you do get the job when you have to reapply! Jem!!!!!!!!!!
    I did do Photo an Hour so you can click on my url for a nosy if you wish!

    1. Thank you, I hope there's a job for me, and it's in the branch I want with enough hours to pay the bills! I'm ignoring it for now, have just been told interviews won't be until the last week of November - talk about dragging it out! Uuurgh!

  3. That's my all-time favourite Gilmore Girls episode! And good luck with the work situation - having to essentially apply for your own job is such a depressing and stressful process, I hope it all works out for you.

    1. Thank you, I have plans and a back up plan if it all goes wrong, but I'd definitely prefer to keep my job!

      And yey! Gilmore girls, I really like that episode too, I don't think I have a favourite, but I really like the ones where Lorelei and Luke get together....sigh....


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