Monday, 7 September 2009

Potato Party...

My mum planted some potatoes we had that went all root-y and yesterday we decided to dig them up becuase the plant-y bit at the top had all died (our next door neighbour- who is AMAZING by the way, shes in her 80's and still grows her own fruit and veg! - told us to wait for that to happen before digging them up).

IT WAS SO EXCITING!!!!!!! I did literally cheer everytime a new potato was unearthed!

Which was 32 times, because that's how many potatoes we got, out of two root-y potatoes that were going to go in the compost! You can't see in the picture but there were some pink potatoes too!!! Squeee!!!

They were really yummy as roasties with our Sunday dinner :) And we still have two more recycled-rooty-potato plants we're waiting to harvest too!!


  1. YAY for the potatoes indeed!! :)

    We digged them out a while ago too!!

    Your neighbour sounds FAB!!
    I adore women in their 80s or 90s that still grow their own food and such!!

  2. Hi Layla,
    Don't they taste so much nicer when you've just dug them up?!
    And yes, I pretty much want to BE my neighbour when I grow up :)


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