Sunday, 6 September 2009

National Zero Waste Week...

This year I'm going to take part in My Zero Waste's National Zero Waste Week

National Zero Waste week calls for you to think of something you can reduce, reuse or recycle to lessen your household waste.

I've chosen two things to concentrate on next week that will hopefully become good habits for life!

Firstly - water bottles. I go shopping with my mum, we get thirsty, we are unprepared for this thirst and buy a bottle of water. I'm not doing that anymore! It's the only time I buy bottled drinks and I feel guilty every time I do it (even though it only happens about twice a month). I have two new strategies to deal with this...

1. REMEMBER to take my flask! I've moved it from the back of the cupboard and put it where I can see it.

2. If flaskless, then buy a can of drink instead (which I can take home and recycle - plastic bottles can be recycled too of course, but the lids can't) or go to a nice, locally owned cafe for a drink.

The other thing I'm going to do to reduce my waste is to stop using plastic bags, I have a LOT of reusable bags, but I also have a shameful plastic bag mountain. I usually take reusable bags with me, and then can't fit everything into them - after filling my reusable bags, handbag and pockets I have to admit defeat and get a plastic one too! So all I need to do here is to remember to take more reusable bags with me when I go shopping!

Is anyone else taking part in Zero Waste Week?


  1. Hi, thanks for the comment! I don't think you should feel like you're "just" giving up those 2 things, I think should be super proud of yourself for giving them up! Those are some hard ones to give up! I think you'll like Wed. post on an alternative to plastic baggies. Good luck with zero waste week!

  2. Aww thanks! I suppose I just feel lame because they should be simple things to stop using, yet somehow I keep using them even though I have the alternatives! Hopefully being really conscious of remembering to use them at all times this week will help me kick the habit for ever!
    I'll look forward to seeing your bagless inspiration on weds!

  3. I love your cups and bags! Very pretty!



  4. Thanks...if reckon if you're giong to be eco-friendly you may as well do it prettyfully!

    Thanks for stopping by Rosa :)

  5. LOVE your flask & bags too!!

    & you are soo right - might as well do it prettyfully!! Love your quote!!

    PS Need to get me some fab reusable bags and such - I do without plastic bags and bottles most of the time, I realized I'm not really doing it in style though, lol! :)
    Just have my trusty old backpack, and I do reuse some old plastic bags - we're slightly running out though!! :)

  6. Thanks Layla :D

    I made my bags from vintage fabric - it's really easy - and then you can choose what they look like and how big you need them and stuff!


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