Sunday, 27 September 2009

Product Switcheroo - waffles and wrapping paper...

After taking part in My Zero Waste's National Zero Waste Week and reading lots and lots of blogs about how people are reducing their waste I decided I really could do so much more to reduce what I throw away, so to start I'm making some small steps...

1. Sometimes when I'm having a studenty-food moment I'm not so interested in anything healthy or organic and NEED potato smiley faces (sadly I don't seem to be able to find Alphabites anymore, which were my processed potato option of choice) but sadly they come in a plastic bag, which can't be recycled here. However, they are easily replaceable with potato waffles, which come in a nice, recycleable, cardboard box.

2. Wrapping paper, this is a Mummybiscuit switcheroo, cos I use newspaper, magazines or fabric to wrap things up, but Mum doesn't like that, and she was 'persuaded' (lol) into buying some loose sheets of wrapping paper from a locally owned card shop (10p a sheet too!) rather than a roll of paper wrapped in un-recycleable plastic! Yey for Mummybiscuit!

Very small steps to start with, but one day maybe my bin will be empty!


  1. Wowee - brilliant ideas. I find a lot of the Birds Eye frozen stuff comes just in cardboard.
    Love how your Mum is still on board too!

  2. That's great! It's funny how after doing that challenge you just can't seem to look at packaging the same way!

  3. Thanks Mrs Green :D
    Hurrah for birdseye - I also live off Linda Mcartney sausages and sausage rolls - cardboard packs, vegan and soya free = a very happy Susie!
    My Mum doesn't get much of a choice sometimes, but she puts up with it well lol

    Hi Julia, thankyee :) You're right, I'm on a packaging reducing mission now!

  4. Great to see you on a packaging reduction mission!

    Do know that paper or cardboard with foodbits on it, or with a layer of wax/plastic is probably not recyclable, at least it's not here, so do check... :)

    I planning to make my own potato chips - from potato, you know!! :)

    My Mum used to be a fan of plastic or cellophane too, is slowly getting persuaded into going greener too... :) Yay for greener Mums!! :)

  5. Hmm I think the cardboard thing is fine here, I checked on my council website, and it says to put cardboard in the kerbside boxes but doesn't go into any great detail, I do check the packets though to check they're not made of composite materials (like card adn plastic) cos I know those aren't recycled (well, actaully tetrapacks are now in a new recycling bank at the supermarket - yey!)

    Crisps are something I'm hoping to cut down on, I eat a LOOOT! of let me know how your chip adventures go!


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