Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My garden monsters...

Everything in my garden has suddenly grown monstrously fast!!!
The strawberries have flowers....
The tomatoes too...
My courgette grows at least a couple of inches everyday! It slightly scares me!
We have a garlic goldmine....

Potatoes sprouting...Lots of new plant babies (peppers, courgettes and spring onions)
And lovely flowery things that I'm not responsible for but which are very beautiful (mum does the flowery stuff, I do millions of pots of veggies!)

The only thing I'm having a bit of trouble with is my Spring Onions, maybe I planted them too early, or they're overcrowded, but they still look really spindly and aren't doing anything...any ideas?

How are your gardens growing??


  1. Now I don't having those kind of monsters in the garden. Everything looks great Sooz. I think your spring onions look fine, thats how my grow too.

  2. Oh thanks for that, they do seem to be getting a bit thicker now (the spring onions that is) very sloowly! I suppose I should stop being impatient!


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