Sunday, 13 June 2010

Glorious Garden...

I can't believe how much my garden's grown in the last couple of weeks! We've had perfect weather for it - some gorgeous sunny days and some rainy nights (and days too)
My tomatoes have tomatoes on them!
And my chilli pepper has flowers!
My courgettes are huge - they've been moved outside now in big pots, one's in the front garden and one in the back, we also put some of my pepper seedlings into hanging baskets outside - they aren't growing very well yet but I'm remaining optimistic for a late summer harvest from them!
I've been allowed (by my mum who is boss of the greenhouse!) to keep two of my peppers inside so hopefully I'll at least get fruit off them.

We have strawberries and wild strawberries!
And the potatoes have just gone mad - they've gone all tall and leggy and then collapsed on the path, so we had to stake them and tie them up

And oh! My poor spring onions! They were just starting to look spring onion shaped when a bird sat on them and ate all the tops off! I hope they make a recovery!

I am excited for these big opium poppies though - I believe the seeds are edible!

How do your gardens grow?


  1. WOW!!!
    Well done!!! It seems that this year you'll enjoy all those gifts directly from nature! ;)

  2. Thanks Danda! I have great excitement this morning becuase my courgette has flowered too! I can't wait to eat them!

  3. What a lovely garden you have! I want a garden like yours :) I only have some potted plants on my balcony...I'm waiting for my tomatoes to grow :)
    Happy gardening & happy crafting!

  4. Why thankyou Claire! I'm so lucky to have squatters rights here in my mums garden! I wish you many happy tomatoes!

  5. Looks FAB!
    I've had a zillion tomatoes, radishes, lettuces and rocket so far.Just planted some more lettuce seeds 'cos I can never have too many lettuces growing.

  6. Thanks Jeni! We had our first red tomato yesterday! Think we need to redo our lettuce though, it's gone all kind of brown and squitty!
    Your veg sounds great - happy gardening! :)


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