Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New Name...

I've changed the name of my blog!  I've not been happy with The Last Biscuit for a while and inspiration struck me today so I changed it...I'm still dithering between 'The Green Fairy' and 'The Eco Fairy' (any thoughts??) so when I've decided I'll be changing my URL to the new name too!

Oh! and as much as I'm loving the name change I think it might have buggered up my followers - because I can't see them anymore! :(  (So if you do usually read this blog and I've disappeared off your list I do hope you'll add me again   EDIT - YOU ALL SEEM TO HAVE COME BACK AGAIN! YEY!  (and keep an eye out for when I change the URL, I have a feeling that might be another bugger-upper-er! - EDIT - i CHANGED MY URL FOR ABOUT 5 MINS THIS AFTERNOON - IT GOT RID OF ALL THE COMMENTS AND READERS AND DIDN'T JUST REDIRECT MY OLD BLOG TO MY NEW ONE LIKE I THOUGHT IT WOULD!  IT WAS HORRIBLE, I CHANGED IT BACK AND EVERYTHING SEEMS TO HAVE COME BACK AND I'M NOT DOING IT AGAIN!  THE URL WILL STAY THE LAST BUISCUIT EVEN IF IT DOESN'T MATCH THE NEW BLOG NAME! P.S. TECHNOLOGY IS NOT MY FRIEND!!)  Thanks friends! x


  1. Don't worry!!! You're still in the list of my favourite blogs! If something will change I'll tell you! ;)
    Oh and that's a lovely name! :D

  2. Oh good! As soon as you said that all my friends and followers and blogs I'm following came back -you must be magic! :D

  3. Yay! I love the new name of your blog!

  4. I love the new name. Liked the previous one too.

    Not keen on The Eco Fairy - sounds like a washing up liquid.

  5. Thanks Serena :D

    Thank you Mangocheeks - you're right about the washing up liquid thing, I hadn't thought of that!


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