Sunday, 27 June 2010

What I bought this month...

shampoo bar from lush
solid perfume pot from lush
almond oil
walnut oil
face packs
a back fair trade tshirt
brown scarf
a green dress
a blue flowery dress
2 brown and white vintage bowls
2 white vintage plates with blue spots
a set of green weighing scales
a travel towel
a fairy door
sew hip magazine

Ahhhhhh...yes...we can tell I have a job this month...although I haven't actually had a payday yet I let a few moths out of my purse and had a bit of a spree.  To be fair a lot of my beautifications ran out this month - the lush shampoo and perfume, oils and face packs are all to do with that and are essentials really.  All the clothes are for work and all were from charity shops except the fair trade top, which was from sainsburys (I can never find nice tshirts in charity shops, they're always all stretched and weird and too short).  The kitcheny stuff (plates, bowls and scales) were all from charity shops and are for the growing stash of things for when I move out.  The travel towel is one of those tiny ones that drys the whole of your body even though it's the size of a face cloth - I had one but I lost it in a big gust of wind off the roof of a hostel in Morocco, I needed a replacement and this one was on sale for £1.20.  The magazine and fairy door were just treats, presents to myself because I am an employed person! 

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