Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lavenders blue dilly dilly...

Mum reminded me this morning that I wanted to pick some lavender to dry and it was a good job she did because a lot of the buds were already in flower (if you want to pick it to dry you need to do so before the flowers appear, although I can't be too sad because the flowers are so pretty, I'm sure they're good for insects and I picked enough for me anyway)

I've tied my lavender together (using wire because I couldn't find any string, which worked out well because the wire made a built in hook) and hung it in my window to dry out, then I'll put the purple buds in a jar to keep the smell in until I use them.

Now's also a good time to take cuttings of lavender, I followed these instructions and did these this afternoon - free plants :)

I also snipped off some seed pods of the yellow poppies in our garden and put them in an envelope to plant next year - more free plants! (when I was a very small girl I once picked a great many of these seed heads then skipped round the garden singing 'fairies pepperpots' and sprinkling my 'pepper' all over the place, we've been overrun with yellow poppies, and I've been cursed for spreading them, ever since - I'll be happy to have some in my own garden when I move)

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