Thursday, 5 August 2010

Garlic harvest (ish!)

Today as I was watering my garden I noticed that my garlic was not looking happy, it had gone all yellow and droopy and sad looking!

I planted the garlic in rows, so I knew that there were some plants missing, I think the tops might have rotted off or something equally as sad.  So I had a dig about where the missing plants were and found these! They're not as big as I'd hoped they would be but I'm quite pleased that they've made themselves into little cloves, last years garlic just made small, solid bulbs with no separate cloves inside.  I planted them a bit late in the season and in pots, I think next time I'll be more precise with my timings and try to find some ground to grow them in.

And they're pink!

Even though the others look so dire I've left them in for now, hopefully the underground garlicy bits will grow a bit more before the overground leafy bits completely die!

Has anyone else done garlic this year?  How has/is it going?

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