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Wisdom - Mum bought some wisdom toothbrushes, the plastic on the blister pack is unmarked and therefore unrecylable...

Dear Wisdom,
A member of my family recently bought a packet of Wisdom toothbrushes and I couldn’t find any information to help me recycle the plastic part of the packaging. I have been unable to find a recycling number or symbol moulded into the plastic, or any information about the type of plastic used printed on the cardboard part of the packaging. As you may know, it is very difficult to recycle unmarked plastic, as plastic recycling facilities are only able to accept the types that they know are able to be processed by their machinery. I am very reluctant to buy items wrapped in plastic that I cannot dispose of responsibly (ie. By not sending them to landfill) and would like to know what type of plastic the packaging is made of and to request that this information is made clearer on the packaging in future.

I would also be interested to know if your company has an environmental policy, as this is not displayed on your website. I would also be interested to know if Wisdom has any recommendations for disposing of used toothbrushes responsibly, if they are recyclable in any way and if your company has any plans to help customers reduce the waste created by replacing toothbrushes, either that are in place now or planned for the future.

I look forward to your reply,
Yours Sincerely

As of yet Wisdom haven't got back to me...I'm going to resend the email and see what happens.

ASDA  Last month I wrote to ASDA about the plastic used to package their own brand cake/ice cream decorations and sprinkles, they did get back to me to let me know what type of plastic it is (although I couldn't see it on the pots when I looked, I'll have to look again next time I'm there...)
Thank you for your message.
Good Morning Susie,
Thank you for your patience whilst I have been looking into your query. I have received some information from our supplier which I would like to share with you. There is a number on each decoration pot (on the bottom). This number is an indicator to which type of plastic it is. If it has a 1 it is made from Poly Etherene Terephtharate.If it has a 5 it is made from Polly Polytherene.If it has a 6 it is made from Polystyrene. Our supplier has said all sprinkle pots are made from Poly Etherene Terephtharate. The cake decorations with a flip lid are made from Polly Polytherene and our jar decorations are made from Polystyrene. I hope from this information you can decide which product you would like to use. Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact ASDA and if you should require anymore assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.
Kind Regards ASDA Service Team

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