Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Crochet Bits and Bobs...Crochet Phone Cover, Robin and Mollie Makes Starburst Blanket...

I got a shiny new pink phone last week, and decided it could only be made better with some stripey multicoloured crochet...

I've also been making these robins, hopefully I'm going to do a couple of craft fairs this winter, so I'm tryng out ideas for things to sell...I'm working on a pattern for these to share with you in a while...scuse the horrible, flashy photo, I couldn't find any real light...

I'm also 86 squares into my Big Blanket (only 314 more to make!) for my birthday mum bought me enough of the cream wool to (hopefully) finish the blanket...yey!

Are you making anything at the moment?


  1. Cute overload on the robins! They are GORGEOUS! As are the phone snuggies and blanket. Well done you.

  2. That blanket is coming along so nicely--it will be gorgeous!

  3. Wow - that's all great!

    Especially love the blanket, I don't seem to be moving on with mine at all. One day I know I'll get there...

    Kay :)

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :D xx

    Kay, I think blanket making is a winter sport really, I'm sure you'll get round to finishing yours, and when you do it'll be gorgeous!

  5. LOVE the Big Blanket!! :)

    Maybe you could even sell the 'flowers' for the blanket as 'tree ornaments'? hm?

    Someone I know did tree ornaments from clay and they were quite popular before Christmas, first as gifts, then for sale! :)

  6. Thanks Layla :D I like the 'flower' tree ornament idea, I'm going to try it out! :D

  7. The blanket is going to be absolutely STUNNING, I'm a bit in love! Is the pattern doable for a crochet novice? (I can make regular granny squares, and have made flowers and hearts)

    The robins are very cute too.

  8. Oh thanks Lakota :) The patterns pretty easy, there are a couple of stitches that were new to me (think they're called cluster stitch and puff stitch off the top of my head) but one you get into the rhytm of making them they're simple enough...the pattern is from issue 2 of Mollie Makes magazine, and I think it was orignailly from the Gentle Art of Knitting book too...


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