Sunday, 4 September 2011

Things I Love Thursday (on a Sunday)

Busy week this week, was away visiting a friend at the beginning of the week, working and it was my birthday too...phew....this week I love...

* finishing my theatre job and the director giving a really nice speech about how good my team were, and getting goodbye hugs from all the kids * visiting my friend Vicki and having a lovely, PJ, cider and shopping filled time * buying a shiny new pink phone * crocheting a phone cover and some xmas robins * Chris Evans playing xmas songs on radio 2 * seeing a bunny in a field from the train window * my friends mum rescuing 2 vintage lloyd loom cupboards for me from being thrown away! * going to Aberystwyth with mummy and eating chips by the sea, buying a shiny necklace, sitting on a vvv cold beach and a nice walk by the river * sea air * applying for exciting jobs * surprise sunshine * listening to Cat Stevens * starting reading When God Was a Rabbit * getting Dr Who and Potter Puppet Pals ring tones for my new phone * lots of lovely birthday presents and cards and messages * vegan chocolate hedgehog cake * watching Blackadder * bed * sleep *

Here's a bonus picture of me 'contemplating' my birthday cake...

Hope you've all had lovely weeks too!


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