Friday, 21 October 2011

A Hat For Percival...

At work we have a little pig that lives on the desk, his name is Percival and he has been MISTREATED by some cruel staff members, who have PICKED his ears off! Oh the humanity!  Percival's earless state has been distressing me for several weeks, so this weekend I took him home with me and made him look a little more presentable...his new, attractive appearance has earned him a place on top of the till, rather than under the computer screen, so he can be admired by all the customers...




  1. Aww! You will have to make him a santa hat for xmas too :)

  2. Cute Hat!!! It definitely makes me smile :)

  3. Aww thanks guys! :)

    Dreamer, I love the idea of a santa hat, I hadn't thought of that, I'll have to smuggle him home for another hat fitting in december!


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