Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ridiculously Easy Biscuits...

While we had the oven on last night I decided to try out another baked recipe I'd seen on the TV this week (I can't remember which programme it was on unfortunately) for palmiers or elephant ear biscuits...they're supposed to turn out looking like this...

Mine did not turn out like that...I was using up some ready made puff pastry that I found in the freezer and there was only half of it left, so mine were very small and also I didn't roll them up tightly enough, so I made strange little piles of puff pastry and goodness they were yummy though...I rolled out the pastry a little on a sugared surface, I used soft brown sugar mixed with a little white, which made them lovely and caramelly, then I sprinkled more sugar on top, rolled them up, cut the roll into 1cm segments, put them on a lined baking tray and baked for about 10 mins...they were so good we ate them in one go!  The sugar sort of melted out around the bottom of the biscuits and went all hard and crispy and tasted all syrupy....

  Have you baked anything exciting recently?


  1. I know you've vegan but these biscuits look soo much like chicken nuggets! lol

  2. hmm I can see what you mean Joddle, but they're definaltey not!

    Thanks Drea :D


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