Sunday, 23 October 2011

Library Love...The Night Circus, Junk for Joy, The 100 Foods you Should be Eating...

This month I have mostly been reading...

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
I loved this book about 2 magicians locked into a challenge in a magical circus...pretty much all the action happens in the last 100 pages though, which resulted in one very late night for me as I couldn't put the book down and go to sleep until I'd found out what happens!

Junk for Joy - Sian Berry
This book is kinda like a lot of the other crafty/upcycling books that are about, but it has pretty pictures and I particularly liked some of the instructions for more unusual crafts, like glasses from wine bottles, that cost a lot if you buy them from craft shops.  It also had lots of advice for furniture type crafts, like stripping paint and upholstery, which would be useful in the future when I have my own house and furniture to make pretty.

The 100 Foods you Should be Eating - Glen Matten
I needed this book to help get me out of my current has lots of information about the nutrition of each food and how to cook it...I especially like that it doesn't focus on 'super foods' or food fads, but on sensible things we can all buy and eat easily...a good kick-up-the-bum-and-start-eating-properly motivator!

Have you read anything fabulous from your local library (or otherwise!) recently?


  1. I have been wanting to read The Night Circus...

  2. I really loved it Jaclyn, it's definately worth reading :)

  3. I saw "The night circus" in Waterstones and was really tempted to buy it, I just don't have much time for reading right now.

  4. It's such a pretty book, if I didn't work in the library and have first dibs on the new books I would be tempted to buy was very good!


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