Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Back With a Garden Update...

So after much more whizz-popping my old computer has been sent to the naughty corner to think about what it's done and my lovely auntie has given us her old computer, which after a bit of rummaging about in it's insides and deleting the 70billion antivirus programmes she had on it, works beautifully! Yey!

Our garden is still being exciting, even though it's definitely autumn now (we had a mad week of sunshine last week, temperatures of at least 30 degrees and vest tops and summer dresses on, but we've settled back down to crispy golden leaves weather now!)  We have hazelnuts in our new garden!  It's only a tiny corkscrew hazel in a pot, but it's nutted this year for us...fresh hazelnuts taste soo good!

I think this little green bug sat on this red leaf on purpose because he wanted his photo taken!

We lifted the onions a coupl eof weeks ago, the ones that survived are delicious!  In their space we put some leeks and planted some garlic bulbs and beetroot seeds too...

This is what happens to asparagus once it's finished giving you asparagus stems to eat, you let it grow into a fern, before cutting it down ready for next year...I think it looks very festive and christmassy!

I LOVE nasturtiums!  They've been so magnificent this year, and they're still going strong!

This is Pierre the pumpkin a few weeks ago, he's bigger now and more orangey...

Here are some of our harvest baskets from the past few weeks...I'm especially excited to pick my first peppers (I hope they're ripe...I don't think it's hot enough for them to turn red or even yellow) I'm making pepper and mushroom pizza tonight!

How are your gardens growing??


  1. Good to see you back and the computer up and running again!

    Oh you are so lucky to have a asparagus patch! My husband would be jealous.

    That green bug does look pretty cool.

    Not much in my tiny garden space now, namely salad leaves, herbs and jerusalem artichoke growing in a tub.

  2. Love the hazel nut :) everything looks great there and your weather is much better than ours has been.No sun here properly for a month at least just lots of wet and windy weather.Despite thata the garden has done well this year and still producing some stuff yet :)
    Good to see you posting again!

  3. Your garden is producing wonderfully! None of my peppers produced this year, too cold at the beginning of the summer. I'm glad you have some to eat!

  4. We don't even really like asparagus either Shaheen, we've been giving the stuff away! Glad to hear you've got a few things still growing, I'm jealous of your salad leaves, ours have eben terrible this year!

    Thanks Dreaemer :) I'm super excited to be eating home grown hazelnuts! Glad your garden is still giving you nice things to eat too! :)

    Thanks Shannon Marie, I didn't think my peppers were going to fruit this year, they had a bit of a slow start, but they've been better this year than any other year i've tried to grow them, I've never had any fruits before!

  5. Wow... soo much food from your garden. Need to get working in mine. Hazelnuts! LOVE!

  6. I know Hazelnuts were very exciting!


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