Sunday, 11 November 2012

Crochet Poppy...Lest We Forget...

Link to a free crochet pattern to make a yarn poppy badge for Remembrance Day.

I made another crochet remembrance poppy this year, for my friend at work.  Link to the pattern can be found here (although, it's either my counting or the pattern, but I can't quite get the number of stitches correct...I've ended up winging it on both poppies I've made now, and was making a third for my Mum but it got too confusing and it ended up in a dejected, tangly heap on the floor).


  1. I absolutely adore this!!! I saw the poppies at the Tower of London in October, I flew over for the weekend and I have such respect for people who display the poppies.
    Much love,

    1. Do you 'do' poppies in America too? I would have loved to have seen the Tower of London poppies but I couldn't make it down, it looked amazing from photos I saw though.


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