Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Some more new-flat progress...

I still haven't moved in to my flat, but me and mum have been busy with some girl-diy and done some of the finishing touches...

Shelves!  We even got them straight first time!

Light shades and blinds!

Now, if only my carpet had arrived and was fitted (the only carpet I like is out of stock and on it's way from Belgium!) I could move in!


  1. Your Mum is amazing - could I borrow her please ? you know I don't live far away.
    I lurve that spirit level !
    Will you be in for Christmas ?

  2. Yup, I have no complaints about my mums diy skills, she is very helpful and even brings along her pretty floral spirit level!

    I really hope I'm in for Christmas (all depends on the carpet situation!) Otherwise, I shall have to put the Christmas tree I've just bought up in January instead!


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