Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Mending Pile.

I have a mending pile as high as the sky.  Things go in and rarely come out.  Or they come out to be worn, and holes ignored!

But as I am starting the year off in a tidy and organised manner I thought it might just be time to sort it out.

Jeans have been patched...

Armpit holes sewn up...

Lace sewn back on...

Straps reattached...busts taken in...

Blouses resized...(I bought this blouse second hand for £1.75, but it was a size 24, I knew I could easily take it in by just sewing down the sides, it's lovely now!)...

And pompom ears popped back into place.

I have 1 pair or jeans, 3 tops, a dress and a pair of gloves to wear.  It's almost like going shopping for a new outfit, but without spending any money!

Do you mend your clothes?  Or do you just plan to and never get round to it (like I usually do!)?


  1. I am forever mending clothes - Stuff just isn't so well made anymore - add to that a very energetic 4yr old and the sewing box is always in use. Well done for getting your mending done. It is great wearing something that you haven't worn for a while isn't it?

    1. It sounds like you're much better than me, I let all the mending pile up until I have nothing to wear anymore! It is a great feeling to get it done though, like having a whole new wardrobe!

  2. i have a mending to-do also... mainly tiny holes in jersey tops, and a few buttons to put back on. it seems the 'i'm wearing this today' day always comes earlier than the mending day :) nice job getting all your mending done!

    1. I have loads of t-shirts with tiny holes in too, where are they coming from!

      Thanks for visiting! :)

  3. I have lots of good intentions to mend my clothes - the reality is that I have a huge mending basket that sits untouched for 10 months of the year then I mend a load in one go! I haven't done any of mine for ages, think my basket probably needs a good sort out - I'm sure there's stuff in there that probably doesn't even fit me anymore! :-) x

    1. My mending pile sounds the same as yours, I neglect it in a corner until it wobbles over! I have the other half of the pile still to sort and yet another hole in my jeans to patch!


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