Monday, 10 March 2014

Spring on the Balcony.

Spring has come to my little balcony garden.  It's brought daffodils and lilac crocuses and pink polyanthus and ariculas and a little tiny blue forget me not too.

It's still a little messy (is that one of last years tomatoes on the floor!?), but it's mine and it's colourful and it's had regular bee and butterfly visitors already, so I am pleased with it.

Has spring come to you yet?

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  1. Wow so beautiful! You truly have made a wonderful little spot for yourself. Do you dig out the bulbs when they're through blooming to make room for your other plants?

    1. Aww thanks Connie :D The bulbs are planted right at the bottom of the containers, I leave them in there all year round and just plant things in the top layer when the daffodils/crocus are finished.


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