Friday, 11 April 2014

Vegan Junk Food, Aldi Choceur Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny.

I was so happy to see these dark chocolate Easter bunnies back on the shelves in Aldi this spring.  They are suitable for vegans and only cost £1 each.  I may have eaten one or two (or four) this year already!  The chocolate is sweeter than the Aldi eggs (I posted about them last week), it's yummy and really thick and the rabbits are a fair size.  

Here are the ingredients,

What will you be eating this Easter?

(This product is vegan as far as I can tell - items have suitable for vegetarians labelling, no dairy/eggs in the allergy section and the ingredients list contains no animal ingredients that I can see.)


  1. I am so glad about this as I bought 2 today but couldn't read the label. Now off to eat one!


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