Thursday, 12 November 2015

Our new home, in progress tour. Upstairs.

We've had carpets fitted since I showed you the downstairs of our new house!  I'm sooo happy about that! 

The main bedroom is at the back of the house and we've been living in the front bedroom while Joe decorated the back one.  We moved the bed over into the back bedroom when we had the carpets fitted, so we're in our real and proper room now!  The retro dressing table was a valentines present from Joe, but I'd actually never seen it as it's been in storage since he bought it!  It's beautiful.

Our new home, in progress tour.  Upstairs.

Our new home, in progress tour.  Upstairs.
The back bedroom is currently Joe's computer room (Fallout 4 has just come out, anyone else a Fallout-widow?) and clothes drying area, it'll be a spare room one day though!

The box room is very full of boxes at the moment!  I unpacked 3 today though!  Once it's cleared and decorated this little bedroom will become the Man Cave.

The landing is pretty much finished!  We bought the tall mid-century mirror from the charity shop at the same time as we bought the amazing retro cabinet.  The banister is doing double duty as a drying rack, I should probably put up a washing line in the garden!

Our new home, in progress tour.  Upstairs.

Our new home, in progress tour.  Upstairs.

I'm feeling much happier about our house than I was last time I showed it to you, hopefully it won't be too much longer until I can show you real finished rooms! 


  1. Youre making great progress!x

    1. Thanks, I feel a lot happier now we have carpets! :)

  2. I love the vintage dressing table, what an awesome present!

  3. Your home is beautiful - so cosy :)


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