Sunday, 15 November 2015

My garden, November 2015.

Life stuff has got in the way of gardening this month, I haven't had the time or desire to do very much! 

I did make time to gather lots of leaves to make leaf mould with.  I have about 5 bags full, which will hopefully be ready by next autumn.  I have no shame, I've even been collecting fallen leaves from the cherry trees on my road.

Making leaf mould. My Garden, November 2015. #ukgardener #ukgardenblogger

So here is a photo of my garden, un-gardened this month!  There are still some flowers, I can see this orange one from my kitchen window and it makes me smile each time.

My Garden, November 2015. #ukgardener #ukgardenblogger

My Garden, November 2015. #ukgardener #ukgardenblogger

Luckily, things keep growing whether you ignore them or not!  My garlic and onions are growing well in my front garden raised bed.  I have clematis, spring onions and pansies growing in the pots by the door.  One clematis is growing much better than the other, despite them being bought at the same time!  Very mysterious!

Front garden raised bed.  Lasagna method.  Garlic and onions.  My Garden, November 2015. #ukgardener #ukgardenblogger

My Garden, November 2015. #ukgardener #ukgardenblogger

I've thrown some big twigs into this corner of the front garden to make a mini log pile, which is sooo good for wildlife.

Front garden log pile for nature. My Garden, November 2015. #ukgardener #ukgardenblogger

I collected some seeds from a corriander plant, I wanted to collect enough to use when I'm cooking but as there aren't many I'll replant these ones next year!

harvesting corinder seeds. My Garden, November 2015. #ukgardener #ukgardenblogger

It's very autumnal out there!

Autumn garden.  My Garden, November 2015. #ukgardener #ukgardenblogger

Have you managed to get out into the garden this month?



  1. I'm so sad! It's been a bad week and has been so dark when I've got home I haven't been out there! ALL my tomatoes have vanished and the plants are a wreck! The onions are totally flooded and smelt odd when I picked them and the courgette has vanished- disaster! Good on you for the garden and leaf mould. I take home bags of bunny poo and litter when I go to my friend's house to put in my compost bin so I also have no shame!x

    1. Oh no, what a shame :( I've been the same with the dark in the evenings, luckily I only work part time so I'm managing to get out in the garden occasionally during the day time, unfortunately it always seems to rain on my days off though!

  2. Love nature and every single day I need to be in contact with it...Susie you're very good at capturing landscape. I love the last picture; )

    1. Thank you :) I'm making a real effort to get out into the garden every day, it makes me feel much calmer and happier when I do :)


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