Monday, 30 November 2015

Things I loved, autumn 2015.

This autumn I've loved,

Reading - I read some really good fiction, 'The Boston Girl' by Anita Diamant, 'Carry On' by Rainbow Rowell and 'Going Vintage' by Lindsey Leavitt.  I read the children's picture book 'The Princess and the Pony', which is excellent!  The best non-fiction I read was 'What we Wore', 'My Tiny Veg Plot' and 'Big Hook Crochet'.

Learning - I enrolled on a couple of free online courses, Writing for the Web (which was really good!) and now I'm doing Principles of Project Management

Home renovation-ing - We have carpet!!  I'm sooo happy!  And we've ordered our new sofa and are expecting it in the next week or so.   Joe put light shades and blinds up too, which makes it much more cosy.

Guiding - (I'm a leader at a Rainbow Guide unit, the girls are aged 5-7) We finished our Unicorn Challenge badge, which was super fun, we made unicorn horns, cupcakes, necklaces and played pin the tail on the unicorn!  We're doing the Wish Upon a Star challenge now, and we've made a wishing tree, a wish jar and a fairy wand!

Watching - Doctor Who, Agents of Shield season two, Arrow season three, The Flash season one, Hellboy.

Listening to - I've only just unpacked my CDs, I've been listening to the Christmas ones!

Socialising - I had a lovely birthday, we went to Birmingham to see an art exhibition, family from Australia visited for the day, we had a lovely curry for my boy's birthday, my brother got married and my nieces had their naming ceremony, we went to the Seasonal Market in Digbeth and we went to Hogwarts in the Snow!

Remembering - my Grandma, it would have been her 100th birthday this year in November, and my Grandad's 100th birthday would have been last February.

Buying - I've been killing it in the charity shops recently!  We bought a beautiful second hand mid-century unit for our dining room and an awesome retro mirror too.

Auntie-ing - My oldest niece is 2 now, you can have a proper conversation with her, she's super lovely and clever.  My littlest niece had her 1st birthday, she has loadsa teeth and has started talking too, she puts her arms up and asks for a 'cug' sooo cute!

How has your autumn been?


  1. I love the unicorn challenge! I am the proud owner of the first badge sold, I was a keen customer :-) My Rainbows voted for the unicorn challenge for our sleepover next term (I didn't influence them at all, honestly!) and I'm looking forward to doing it. Must get crocheting as there's a cute pattern in it!

    1. We loved the unicorn challenge, it was so fun! In our unit the leaders choose what badges to do, so I definitely influenced the choice for the unicorn challenge! We made unicorn horns and just let them gallop about one week, so cute! :D

  2. Ah I do enjoy these posts. PS Whats that in the bottom right, is it a pepper grinder.

    1. Thank you :)

      Bottom right of the top photo? It's a spice grinder from our new favourite shop Tiger! I'm using it for salt though.


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