Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Baby Name Book and Fleece Bunny...Home Made Presents...

I'm S.T.I.L.L unemployed! But this week I've been using my time creatively and made some presents for two of the smallest, cutest people in my life. Both were made with things I already had, so although I don't think felt and fleece are the most eco-friendly fabrics out there, at least I was using up stuff I had rather than buying something brand new.

I sewed this little felt book for my cousin's little girl, Grace, who is being Christened this weekend. It was a bit of a rush job and it's a bit wonky and weird but I think I'll just about be able to give it to her without feeling too embarrassed!
Giraffe, Rabbit, Apple, Caterpillar, Elephant...spells Grace!

I also made this bunny for my school friend's new baby, Heidi (she's sooo beautiful!), out of some fleece and other bits I had lying around - I've already given it to Heidi and her mummy thought I'd bought it rather than made it, which made me super-proud!
He even has a fluffy bunny tail!!

Made from this free online pattern.
So do you think hand making things better for the environment, because you're not running a big factory that uses lots of power, and you can buy or re-use things that are eco friendly, and you're not giving your money to big businesses that you're never quite sure about (depending of course on where you get your supplies from!)?


  1. These are beautiful items, I love Grace's book and she is NOT going to care about the wonky bits; in fact she'll LOVE them because they were created with love.

    Your bunny is very cute; I'm going to have a go myself. Thanks for the pattern link.

    And yes I agree it's much more eco friendly to make something from a 'non eco friendly' material that you already have than buy new. The greenest way to consume is not to buy at all ;)

  2. WOW!!! They are fantastic! Very cute and green!
    You're very clever and I hope you'll find a job sooner. You have many qualities and surely someone will discover them! ;)

  3. Hi Mrs Green :)

    I guess my family are more of the buy-something-from-tescos types when it comes to presents, not that they aren't thoughtful and lovely presents from tescos, but I feel a bit anxious giving them my funny, handmade stuff! So thank you for the compliments - I feel better about it now :)

    The greenest way to consume is not to buy at all <-- I like that saying a lot and am going to steal it! I have a huge stash of fabric and stuff, almost as tall as me, so I guess I'll be consuming in a very green way for a long time to come!


  4. Hi Danda and awww thankyou :) What lovely things to say, I really appreciate your kind words :D

  5. Very beautiful indeed!!

    I agree - better to use up existing stash than buy new! Then, if you need, buy or get 2nd hand materials if you can.. Only then would going for new organic cotton or such probably come into the question.. At least that is sort of the way I see it!

    (Though I don't like some of my stash of fabrics and would prefer to get 'new' retro! lol!)

  6. PS LOVE the wonkiness and CREATIVITY of it all!!

    So AWESOME - to make a book and an elephant!!

  7. Awww Thanks Layla :)

    You're right, I will be looking at organic options once the human-sized stash has been used up, or at least second hand stuf (i prefer 'old' retro lol) but then I had a new thought the other day, that buying secons hand and from charity shops just facilitates the current throw-away consumer culture, especially when it comes to clothes and bedsheets (which is what I 'up'cycle to make stuff) cos people buy more clothes than they need and then feel fine about giving them away because the money goes to charity, rather than thinking about what they need and buying less clothes that they can keep for years - if that makes sense! lol This keeps getting more complicated!


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