Friday, 16 October 2009

Garden update...

My garlics have had to be moved into the greenhouse as it's got a bit chilly - now I've actually read a gardening book I know that I planted them in the wrong season and should have bought garlic seeds from a gardening shop, not used the supermarket garlic, which was probably grown in a different climate and won't do so well here. Despite what the interwebs told me (it liiiied!! Well, probably it was just giving me information for somewhere with a different climate!) It's still growing though, and under the soil they have definite garlic looking bits!

We still have lettuce growing and tomatoes (mum's - no photo though! It has blight and is too unphotogenic!) and I have one or two radishes left that have gone over and are now doing pretty convincing turnip impressions!

I also have two different types of mint growing in pots, one I cut back a couple of months ago and is making new sprouts, and one new one that was a present and is called 'mint Moroccan' and is yummy! Mummybiscuit says mint is hardy so it can stay outside and enjoy the winter weather without shrivelling up and dying!
And because we've still got all this produce in our garden, Fluffy (resident Giant Land Snail - made a burrow and went to sleep - didn't want his photo taken today apparently!) is still eating home grown food. Tomato and lettuce from our garden, apple from a friends tree, cuttle fish bone found on the beach in Cornwall by my Mum's friend (Fluffy needs to eat egg shells or cuttle fish to keep his shell strong - making him the only non-veggie in the house, but we forgive him!)


  1. Fluffy is soo cute!

    Awesome photo!

    Great to hear the veggies and the mints are going well! I was really curious about veggies in pots for a while, and it's a joy to see yours grow!

    About garlic - we bought some in a 'special' store - and it was EXACTLY the same garlic as sold in the supermarket as 'edible garlic' (from China!) So, duh! And it did okay just as well.. So I hope yours will too!!
    (We did plant ours at a different time, so you might want to do that next time, if you have a good greenhouse or maybe even put it inside, who knows, maybe it could grow okay just as well, and you'd have fresh garlic in winter?? Do tell how it goes!:)

    Sepp Holzer, the famous Austrian organic farmer, does a LOT of things 'wrong' and with fabulous results!!

  2. Thanks Layla :)

    How rude of that special shop to sell you chinese garlic! humph! I'll have to ask lots of questions to garlic seed shop employees if I decide to go down that route next time.

    I've never been one for doing things 'right' anway, and I've put the garlics in the green house for nice warm-ness, so hopefully I can take a leaf out of Sepp Holzer's (who I'm going to google now!) book and have fantastical, not-so-wrong, winter garlics!


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