Sunday, 25 October 2009

Book Review - Vegetable Growing Month by Month...

This month I've mostly been reading 'Vegetable Growing Month by Month' by John Harrison, which according to the cover is 'The down to earth guide that takes you through the vegetable year'. I officially Lurve this book!
I liked...
1. It answers all my stupid questions - like how do I water something, how much water, how often???! (I have watering issues! I always, always either water too much or too little - this book has a whole chapter on watering! Winner!)
2. It's really thorough and has chapters on 'why grow your own vegetables', 'where to grow and preparing to grow', 'planning the gardening year', 'getting the most from your land', 'weeds and what to do about them', 'tools', 'compost, manure and fertilizers', 'watering', 'greenhouses and poly tunnels', 'pests, problems and protection', 'the vegetable year', 'brief guide to the vegetables', which pretty much cover anything you'd want to know about anything to do with growing your own veggies.
3. It has good clear diagrams to help you understand what he's talking about.
4. It has lots of information about gardening organically, even though the book isn't specifically about organic gardening.
5. It enabled me to identify a funny shaped hoe at the garden I volunteer at - why it's a swoe!
6. It's written by a guy who actually grows his own veggies, has lots of experience and knows what he's talking about.
7. It pretty much tells you everything you'd need to know if you suddenly had a garden that needed veggies growing in it and had no experience.

I can't find any negatives! This book is perfect!

Next month I shall be reading and reviewing 'How to Grow Fresh Air' by Dr B C Wolverton.


  1. Wow. That book does sound good. And I love the title of your next book. :)

  2. Thanks Drea :)

    It was a really good book!

    And the next one is about the results a Nasa experiment to use plants to make breathable air in spaceships using plants - I can't wait to read it!


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