Saturday, 31 October 2009

What I bought next month...

I already buy a LOT less than I used to when my favorite weekend activity was shopping (was that really me??! now it's guitar playing and sewing stuff and reading and watching films and gardening and general faffing about), but in order to REALLY think about what I'm buying, if I REALLY need it or will be very, very, very sad without it (please note - I'm not one for making myself (or anyone else) feel guilty about buying things that are necessary or completely beautiful and unliveablewithout) and if it's an ethical choice, I'm going to start posting a list each month of what I've bought so I can keep an eye on myself. I'm not going to include food shopping or spending on food, drinks or general merriment while I'm out on adventures. It's more of a 'things' thing, I have enough things, there is no room in my room for more things, what are these things made of and where are they coming from, where will they end up!!!??!?! I refuse to buy unneccassary things!! Starting from this month, every month at the end of the month (ish) I'll be posting a picture and list of any things I've bought and shaming/analysing myself to see if I could be doing better!


  1. My boyfriend and I have been trying to purchase random things less also. A few years before I would go on binge shopping trips for the silliest things. I'd buy dresses for the simple fact they were on sale, and most would go unworn. I'd also spend at least $100 on underwear a month. At one time I owned over 30 bras. But I've changed! It takes me almost a month to decide on buying something I actually need, because I ask myself over and over "do I reeeaaally need this?"

  2. Great idea!

    I actually don't buy much anymore, but I have an attick-full of 'stuff' too, and I don't know what to do with it! lol
    It seems just like - uhm, clutter!!
    (But it's not just clutter, some of it is stuff I LOVE!! Or art/crafts supplies! Books! Clothes! Or projects-in-the-making! Or lyrics to cool songs! /sigh/)

    So do tell how you go with this, I'm interested! :)

  3. Hey Drea, I used to do the same thing, buying stuff just becuase it was on sale and then never using it, I haven't done it for a while, so hopefully I've changed too!

    p.s. thats a lot of bras lol!

    Hi Layla - Ihave the same clutter problem - and while I'm completely convinced that I do NEED the my little ponies and the big boxes of paint, I'm not willing to add to it anymore!

  4. Okay, at least I don't have the my little ponies lol! I have pretty much a lot of everything else, and realized the only hope is to fix the ex-fridge cabinet and make it storage!
    I de-cluttered a bit today (mainly tidying up) and it looks a little better!!

    As for the sales, don't tempt me!! I better stay away, was known to buy heaps too, lol!

  5. But I NEEEED the ponies!


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