Friday, 27 August 2010

What I bought this month...

Pale blue wool
TV magazine x 2
2 chilli plants and a pot of thyme

I bought the wool from the charity shop, I wanted some more for a cushion cover I'm crocheting but I ended up not using it, it's very pale blue so I might use it to crochet snowflakes to decorate with at Christmas.  Mum usually buys the TV magazines, but I did a couple of times this month.  The birkenstocks were 2nd hand off ebay - £5 woohoo!  And the plants were in the sale at the garden centre - the chillies have about 30 ripe chillies on each, and more green ones, they were 99p each which is cheaper than buying that number of chillies from the supermarket/veggie stall, so I got them)  The thyme is huge and organic and was 25p!

I got rid of an old pair of school shoes (my feet have been the same size since I was about 14!) to make way for the birkenstocks.

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