Thursday, 8 May 2014

Going Low 'Poo, an update.

After about 2 months of doing Low 'poo hair care, I have got the hang of it.

This is what works for me - 

Washing my hair once a week (ish) with solid shampoo and an apple cider vinegar conditioning rinse.

Washing my hair with plain water once or twice a week(ish).

Dampening my hair a little in the shower then combing it through, or dipping my brush in water while brushing my hair.  This makes it go curly and nice.

Using a little, tiny bit of almond oil smoothed through my hair after washing, as a leave in conditioner.

I have discovered the importance of a good hairbrush.  I found I need a really good one to distribute the oils in my hair effectively and make my hair less greasy.  Surprisingly, the best brush I've found for this is my £1 Primark, bright pink paddle brush.  It makes brushing my hair really easy and feels really nice and massage-y on my scalp.  I have broken 2 Kent Coolhog hairbrushes during this hair experiment (previously my favourite type of hairbrush).  

I have had to experiment with a few different hair styles, to deal with greasy days or just 'meh' hair days.  You can see in the photos above, I've been doing a lot of twisty things and a 3 bun hairstyle I learned from here.  I've been doing a lot of pigtails, plaits, and half up half downs too.  It's been good to learn some new hairstyles that don't give me a headache (anything too tight or with too many bobby pins gives me a migraine!  And I have monstrously thick hair, so putting it into an up-do is hard!).

I haven't had to use an intensive conditioner on my hair at all, in over 2 months.  I just haven't felt the need for it.  My hair used to be so dry I would have to do a hair mask with coconut oil every week.  I'm a bit scared if I put coconut oil on my hair now it would never wash out, or it would somehow disturb the balance my head has developed now.

You can see the first and second parts of my low 'poo adventures here and here.

Are you shampoo free or low 'poo?  Any tips?

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  1. Ooh! I like your fancy buns! I still find that I have to at least completely wet my hair everyday. I work out nearly everyday and otherwise I'd be a stinky mess. I would like to not have to, but it's still better/easier/faster than washing with shampoo! Yay for low 'poo!


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