Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Easy green actions and articles, February 2016.

Easy green actions and articles. #ecoblogger #greenblogger

Here's this month's round up of easy eco-friendly actions and articles,

Sign Greenpeace's petition asking David Cameron to take action on flooding and it's root cause, climate change.

Love this article on why the world needs more disruptive children (and adults!).

Well, this makes me want to never buy fleece ever again!

I found Kathryn's post 'Should we all be vegetarians?' interesting, and the statistics she shares slightly terrifying!

Sign Friends of the Earth's Eat Better pledge, for monthly tips and actions on eating well for your health and to help the planet!

Easy green actions and articles. #ecoblogger #greenblogger

"Recycling a plastic bottle doesn’t mean closing the loop. That bottle will not embark on some celestial journey, reincarnated a thousand times. Recycling absolutely has a waste footprint, and it’s not an insignificant one. Furthermore, recycling only works when there’s someone on the other side of the equation, someone who wants to buy the recycled material."

Use Compassion in World Farming's online form to ask the government to focus it's aims for farming on giving animals a life worth living, protecting the planet, and producing good, healthy food.

Posts you might have missed, 
and don't forget it's never too late to make an eco friendly resolution for 2016!


  1. Urgh, the fleece thing is horrible. I actually only have 2 fleece items and I've always felt mistrustful of it but still, horrid!!! I like the vegetarian article!x


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