Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Make one small change - use vegan dental floss.

Making one small change at a time can make becoming eco friendly loads easier.  Lots of small changes add up to a big difference.

Make one small change - use vegan dental floss. From uk vegan and eco friendly blogger secondhandsusie.blogspot.com #vegan #ecofriendly #vegandentalfloss

Buying this vegan dental floss is the result of wanting to find eco friendly floss, but not quite being able to find any.  All the biodegradable options are made from silk, which isn't vegan (they kill the silk worms when they remove their silky cocoons).  

So this is a better choice than standard dental floss, but it's still not the best choice.  It comes in a plastic box, with a metal cutter and the floss is synthetic.  But it's made with a lot less chemicals than the floss I used to use.  There's no petrochemical coatings, or teflon, or dodgy antibacterials, parabens or other nasty chemicals, which are bad for your body and the planet.  This vegan dental floss just has natural mint and tea tree, xylitol and vegan wax.  The outer packaging is a recyclable card box, but as I bought the floss online it came in a padded envelope and had to be transported. 

I'll keep looking out for a better option, but sometimes it's just a case of waiting for the market to catch up with what you're looking to buy.  I'm unwilling to give up flossing, after 10+ years of orthodontial treatment I'm really into looking after my teeth!  This is an imperfect small eco friendly change, but it's a small step in the right direction at least.

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  1. it sounds a good idea! I reallly must floss my teeth but I'm lazy! MUST do it, must do it!!!


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