Sunday, 4 July 2010

Plastics Kerbside Recycling...

We've been lucky enough to have our paper, cardboard, glass, metals and garden waste collected every fortnight for ages.  But today a new kerbside recycling pack popped through our door!  It has a large orange net bag for putting plastic in and some small plastic bags for putting used batteries and low energy light bulbs in. 

The new recycling pack came in a plastic bag and just as I was considering the irony of being provided a plastic recycling pack in a non-recyclable bag I spotted this sticker on it -

I'm so pleased that we can recycle our plastic so easily now and that there'll be no more car trips to the big recycling centre with it!  Yey!!!


  1. Oh I wish they did that here on Guam!! They are starting a pilot curbside recycling program to see how it will go. I just wish that they would hurry up. We have SERIOUS landfill issues here. Recycling only recently became big and we're an island so there is only so much space to be used as a dump. :(

  2. Oh gosh!! I hope they hurry up too! We've had lots of pilot schemes here too (currently tryig food waste collection in my county but not in my town) and luckily they went well! It must be so frustrating for you :(

    Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am here! and for visiting! :)


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