Friday, 14 January 2011

Cunning Calendar Reuse...

Last year I loved my guinea pigs wall calendar, bought in the sales for £1.25, and this year I just haven't seen one nice enough or cheap enough to make me happy. None of them had guinea pigs on them!  So I thought it would be greener (reusing the pictures and twizzly wire bit and using less ink and our recycled printer paper) and more guinea piggy to make new date sections for my old calendar.  There are many many websites that have free printable calendars (here and here), and you can make them on Microsoft Publisher but I couldn't get any that were the right size to stick onto the base of my old calendar.  So I made some in Word, and this is how I did it...

Measure the width of the part of the calendar you want to replace
Open a new word document
Go to table - insert table - change to 1 column and 31 rows, change 'fixed column width' to the width you measured earlier - press ok
Using the calendar on the computer screen (found by double clicking the time, on my computer anyway) fill in the dates in the rows
Print off, cut to size and stick on your old calendar.
You can then copy and paste the chart and change the dates for each month.

Surprisingly it didn't take too long, but I've only got up to April so far, because my eyes started to hurt! 



Who doesn't need pictures of guinea pigs on sofas hanging on their walls!???!

If you want to reuse your 2010 calendar and would like to use the charts I've made leave me a comment with your email and I'll send it to you :)


  1. Now, that's a great recycling project for sure.

  2. Way to go Sooz. You did a great job of recycling your calendar and who wouldn't want to preserve those cute guinea pig pics.

  3. Thanks Colleen :) I'm glad I can enjoy my guinea pigs for an extra year!


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