Thursday, 27 January 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

This week I LOVE...

* playing pool with Em * sweet smelling night time air * watching sparrows making new nests * making a not very effective but nice smelling and occasionally warm bonfire with Joel * watching Penelope again * reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn * talking to my school friend Row on the phone and her baby girl saying 'Hello Aunty Susie' down the phone to me, then repeatedly shouting Suuusiiie in the background! * excitement for my mum - she's put in an offer on a new house! eeeep! * lots of old, nice customers at work * very tidy bedroom * getting to the top level of the suduko game on my phone * talking to Luke on the phone * orange and lemon sweeties * the song Oranges and Seasalt by Eliza Carthy * hobnobs * watching Beetlejuice (I want to dance and float like Lydia at the end) * eating a tiny orange at work *

What do you love this week? Hope you're having a lovely, lovely, lovelysome one!


  1. Lovely post. Here I go:
    eating in bed, tinyflower buds, walking, waves crashing over the rocks, watching old movies, pistachio ice cream, calls from my children, warm toes, music and music and music, hearing about my grandchild's activities,chocolate, pizza, strawberry shake, fishandchips, clean sheets, warm towels, hot baths, swimming, jacuzzi, tango class, writing, reading, blogging, time in the library, books discovered at a used book store, letters, a great haircut, a new tea pot, great coffee, bagel and lox.............

  2. That sounds like a lovely week Rosaria...thank you for sharing it :) your list hsa made me hungry!!!


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