Sunday, 2 January 2011


I hope your New Years nights were fizzy and glittery and amazing, or quiet and relaxing if that's what you needed them to be!  I definitely needed the latter - almost everyone I know has been hit with what we're calling 'the Christmas lurgy' (except my mum who has magical cockroach like resistance and has taken on the role of chief toast soldier deliverer and buyer of the soft kind of tissues) and I haven't left my house properly since the day before Christmas Eve.  So for New Years I snugged up on the sofa under my snuggie (one of those blankets with arms, someone bought me one and it's awesome, it's better upside down with my feet in the holes though...) and watched Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium followed by a quick wander round the front garden in my PJ's to see pretty fireworks.  

I'm pretty glad 2010 is over.  What a blah year it's been, I feel like I've done nothing and been nowhere.  Being unemployed for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long was really rubbish and finding a job ate all my time (not to mention pennies!)  But good things did happen to me too...

I found a job (yey!)
My new little cousin was born and my other cousins who live in Australia came to visit
My best friend lives in Brazil and she came home for a few months with her fiance and it was lovely to spend time with them both and our other favorite friend, who usually lives in London, came for lots of visits too!
I learnt to crochet
I helped grow and sell lots of yummy veggies at my local National Trust property
I read a zillion books
I dyed my hair bright red!

I officially can't wait for 2011!!!!  I really want to pack loads into the coming year so that I don't feel so blah by the end of it...this is what I want to do...

Move to a lovely new home
Pass my driving test
Do a pottery course
Go to Paris for a magical holiday
Make sure I visit my Wales uni friends and my Birmingham uni friends and my Londoner
See a Shakespeare play at Stratford upon Avon
Get a dreadlock
Be a bit thinner and healthier
Learn to make falafels
Do Nanowrimo
Make new friends
Meditate more often
Buy less
Go out more
Wear exciting outfits
Paddle in the sea
Draw, sew, crochet, write, blog...create more!
Take relaxing smelly baths
Learn to play more songs on the guitar

And I want to find ways to be more eco friendly, but that goes without saying! (hopefully!)

What are you going to do with this lovely, bright and shiny new year?


  1. Yeahhhhhh! Happy New Thoughts, New Year, New Job! Way to go!

  2. Thanks for visiting Rosaria - hope 2011 is most excellent to you! :)

  3. Happy new year!! I love your goals :)

  4. Thanks Michal, Hope 2011 is great to you! Thanks for visiting :D

  5. Happy Happy 2011! :D

  6. And to you too Drea!!! :)


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