Thursday, 13 January 2011

Things I Love Thursday...

This week I love...

* rain, at last! * seeing a may bug * going to a language group and speaking terrible Spanish to a lovely boy * goldfinches * hot sausage sand which on white bread with cold ketchup * planting lots of beans with my gardener friend at volunteering * sweet chili rice crackers * hedgehog eating coconut cake * bed * Dr Who - piratey goodness * bicycle buying * shoes arriving * Spanish CD * rice noodles * lovely phone calls with Luke * going on bike rides - weeeee! * making Em and Vitor a hedgehog wedding card * planting sunflowers * digging up the big root at mums new house - it took about 2 hours! * seeing Lesley * beautiful crescent moon * delicious roast potatoes * reading 'No and Me' by Delphine De Vigan * getting a job interview for an exciting summer theatre job * baby bird cuteness in our garden * happy fluffy snail eating kiwi fruit *

What do you love this week?  Hope you're having a great week! xx

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